Canyon Massage and Bodywork

Professional massage & bodywork for the NRG community & it’s visitors.

Welcome to Canyon Massage & Bodywork

Massage and bodywork should be part of everyone’s healthcare. It helps to improve your connection to your body, unlocks and releases tight muscles, decreases pain and improves mobility.

People who receive regular bodywork report an increase in energy for the day and for life.

Canyon Massage and Bodywork offers professional massage and bodywork services to the New River Gorge community and all who visit this beautiful area. My studio is located in downtown historic Fayetteville West Virginia. Street parking is available for all clients. My business hours are Monday to Friday from 9:30 AM to 6 PM. All appointments are scheduled to give 24 hour notice. Thank you.

About Jim

I began my path on becoming a therapist in 2000 when I went to Mountain State University to study for an associates degree in physical therapy. During the second year of my physical therapy program I enrolled with the Beckley School of Massage to learn basic massage and bodywork. In 2001 I graduated with my associates degree in physical therapy and completed my licensure for massage therapy. 


Services include, Integrative, Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular and Integrative Reflexology for the feet

Each therapy is offered in 30, 60 and 90 minute appointments except for reflexology. Reflexology is limited to 30 and 60 minute appointments. I do not offer off-site services, all services offered require the client to travel to my studio.

This therapy blends all techniques to match the needs of the client.  This therapy is great for your first bodywork, or if you’re not sure which therapy to choose.

Please allow 90 minutes for a full body treatment.

This therapy takes the body work to a deeper level to clear areas of muscular tension and stress.

Please allow 90 minutes for a full body treatment.

This therapy blends myofascial release to unwind tension in the muscles and fascia with gentle positional releases to trigger point areas that restrict mobility and strength. It is beneficial for people with chronic painful areas of muscular tension and stress that are restricting normal mobility and strength.

Please allow 90 minutes for a full body treatment.


Foot reflexology has its origins in ancient oriental bodywork. Reflex points in the feet correspond to various organs and structures of the body.

This therapy promotes optimal organ function, relaxation of the entire body and provides you with a wonderful state of being.

This therapy is limited to 30 and 60 minute appointments.