Canyon Massage and Bodywork

We believe it should feel good to live in your body.

Your health is the most important part of your life.
Our health is directly related to how we feel in our bodies.

Our bodies change in so many ways over our life span. We begin as infants and grow into adults over the course of decades. One of my favorite sayings is; 

“An aging body is like an aging home. They both need more maintenance as they grow older.” 

Sometimes our bodies are injured from trauma events or from long term repetitive tasks and the postures that go with them. These events stay with us for life. They leave their mark in our bodies with constant pain and restriction of mobility. They leave their mark in our minds with the memory of the event  that is always present when we feel the pain and restriction in our body. 

Regular bodywork can help you feel better as you age in your body. 

Regular bodywork can help manage the constant pain and restriction of mobility from traumatic events and long term repetitive tasks. 

You will look forward to your appointment because you will feel better. 

Take care of your body. It’s the only one you have. 

I look forward to helping you feel better in your body.

Meet your Therapist

My name is Jim Maxwell. I am the owner and therapist at Canyon Massage and Bodywork.

Canyon Massage and Bodywork opened its doors for the first time in 2007. My first studio was a 20 foot yurt located on Class Six River Runners property on the edge of the New River Gorge. I really enjoyed the experience of massage and bodywork inside the yurt. In 2011 I moved my business to downtown Fayetteville and partnered with Kula yoga studio. I moved to my current location in 2016 and continue to work out of the Hamilton building right next to the courthouse in downtown Fayetteville.

I began my path on becoming a therapist in 2000 when I went to Mountain State University to study for an associates degree in physical therapy. During the second year of my physical therapy program I enrolled with the Beckley School of Massage to learn basic massage and bodywork. In 2001 I graduated with my associates degree in physical therapy and completed my licensure for massage therapy. I worked as a physical therapist assistant at Active Recovery Physical Therapy in Oak Hill West Virginia until 2007. 

I really enjoy my work as a therapist. I combine my experience and skills as a physical therapist assistant with my skills and experience as a bodyworker. This combination has proven very effective for my clients.  I love bodywork. You may ask yourself what is bodywork? Bodywork to me is taking the art of massage and applying it to a person’s body to help correct imbalances in the muscular and skeletal systems. I believe most people think of massage as a feel good experience, and a relaxing one also. Bodywork is not always a relaxing experience. Relieving tension and pain in your muscles requires working in the places where you’ve often feel the most sensitive. This type of bodywork is not always comfortable. Bodywork is a necessary part of a health and wellness program. 

I look forward to meeting and getting to know each and every one of my clients. I appreciate their time and trust they place in me as their therapist. I look forward to helping people help themselves become more comfortable in their body. Life can be stressful, stress leads to tension, and tension leads to sore and tight musculature. I believe that bodywork is a great tool to help alleviate stress and tension in everyone. Most people believe that they can help themselves up to a certain point. After reaching that point some people may not know how to help themselves. That’s where I can help, it’s ok to ask for help. I love teaching my clients about their own body and figuring out why certain restrictions and soreness persist. Using bodywork to help each client and teaching them useful skills to help themselves is a joy. I sincerely appreciate each client for my job and career. Thank you, friends.